This is me before I got a beard.

Even though I did not grow up in a  straight line, and my nose is slightly bent, I am still standing straight and can handle most of the things life throws at me.

During my days, I have been participating in a huge variety of of activities. This is not the first time I am making a web-site. And I have been active in a many different sports and other cultural activities, as athlete, participant and director.

After I became a dad it got hard for me to participate in organized activities, but I am still very active, self-driven. I have moved some of my attitude over to Wordfeud. I play in Wordfeud League of Honor. When I play that game, I become a self-centered, paranoid jack-ass. Most of the things I write under the subject WLOH, in my Norwegian pages, cannot be taken seriously.

I am also a member of the political party Venstre, which makes me a politician. A study of history can be very useful, but our challenges are in the future. That is why it is important to support a party that is teaming up with the future. No other Norwegian party has a better solutions for a green shift. Sometimes I write about things that preoccupy me. Not everything I write is equal to the party’s politics, but on several subjects it is.


This is my blog stuffs 😀

A Lesson in Argumentation

Politics is a serious matter where serious problems and cases are disputed and solved. Politics are about creating a society where we all can live, and hopefully thrive. When every politician is able to master his or her role, it leads the society on a road to positive development, which benefits us all.