Trip by Akerselva

YESS! Oslo is a beautiful city, and there are lots of things to see. I was living there for more then seven years, but I never took my time to enjoy it properly. Because of that I had a real good trip walking down the river Akerselva. It was a warm and sunny Sunday, and I had plenty of time to look at the things you usually never have time for and get some good pictures. The trip was almost eight hours, but it could have been much faster if I didn’t have that many stops to eat and drink, and enjoy life.

Ruten langs Akerselva.
The trip was almost eight hours long, including plenty of pauses for food and drink.

These are some of the best pictures from the trip.

The trip startet at the dam of Maridalsvannet. This is the Dam Control Wheel.
Kjelsås stasjon
Kjelsås Station lies almost up by Maridalsvannet.
Perlton turbin
The Norwegian Technology Museum was closed, of course, since it was Sunday. But outside of it I found a Pelton Turbine, which I did learn a lot about when I was studying electronics at Sunndal Videregående Skole.
Kjelsås Skriket
Kjelsås Skriket at Kjelsås Bruk.
Troll Cave
The entrance to the Troll Cave in Nydalen.
In Nydalen there are many old buildings. One of the upper ones is Blegeriet, where they used to bleach wool for further treatment. It was built in 1878.
Slipknot Headbang Balloon Popping
This one is named Slipknot Headbang Balloon Popping.
Ricoh Norway
There are also som more modern buildings in Nydalen. This is the building of Ricoh Norway.
This is Dampen. It was constructed in the 1870s, as a eating house for workers in Nydalens Compagnie.
Nydalen videregående skole
There are several funny sculptures around Nydalen Videregående Skole. This is the Foolish Elephant, and the siblings Yoga Bear and Bear Upside Down.
Sagene brandstasjon
Sagene  Fire Station has been in use since  1915, and is the oldest fire station in Oslo.
Torshov Tower
Torshov Tower was built in 1889-91 for Hartwig Bache-Wiig, CEO of Akerselven papirfabrikker.
Sagene Submarine
Sagene Submarine.
The Badger can also be found in Sagene.
Ladies in the Park
Ladies in the Park hiding in Myraløkka.
Thorshov Flying Pig
The Flying Pig on Torshov. It is above the entrance of Grisen, previously Oscar Braathen.
Old Akerselva Mill
The old Mill in Akerselva.
The Factory Girls was made in 1986 by Ellen Jacobsen.
Flower Power
Good old Scorpius is standing at Birkelunden, reminding us about the Flower Power.
The Locker Bridge by the Art High School  in Oslo.
Fyrhuset Kuba
Fyrhuset Kuba is a good spot to grab a beer.
The Swan in Ingens gate (Nobody’s Street), next to Blå.
Fist and Rose
Fist and Rose. If the rest of the giant awakens, chaos might evolve.
Next to Lady Fortuna with the Scarf. A plastic dinosaur was stealing all the attention.
The view from the opera roof is fantastic.

The trip ended by the Houseboat Colony for Oslo. At the end I was slightly rushing, because I had to catch the bus. I made it well in time, though. And I had a first class Sunday, with plenty of food and drinks.

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