War against internet square

It is not fair that the big companies make alle the money from our daily spare time. Every time we post a tweet on Twitter or like some comment on Facebook, our actions contribute to the upkeep of a system designed to make money from our participation. One click does not make anyone a fortune. However, millions of clicks keep maintaining a system that generates millions of income from advertisements and whatever. Continue reading “War against internet square”

Top Seven Reasons to not Believe in the Christian God

So, thanks to archive.is I found my old blog post about the Christian God. It was originally posted February 27, 2015.

First, I want to say that this text is based on my opinions. Opinions are not eternal truths, and might change over time, given new arguments. This post might be edited to fit new understanding without further notice. Secondly, I want to point out that I don’t pretend to know the eternal truth about anything. I do not know the answer to all the mysteries of life. However, I don’t think the answer can be found in God for the reasons presented here. Continue reading “Top Seven Reasons to not Believe in the Christian God”